Community Partners

The Influencing Action Movement (IAM) supports and partners with non-profit and community organizations in their giving efforts. If you would like IAM to partner with your organization on any upcoming projects such as community events, fundraising activities or service projects, email Our network of mentors would be happy to help!

Community Partners

Women in Media (WIM Philly) is a community program of the Influencing Action Movement; influencing action through media! WIM Philly, a collective of millennial small business owners and media professionals—graduates of Temple University and Spelman College—created this community with a mission to empower women and work proactively to highlight the necessity of full representation of female professionals in media.


Unity in the Community is a community partner of the Influencing Action Movement based in South Philadelphia. IAM and Unity in the Community are founding partners of Voter Education Week and have also partnered to expand Operation Holiday Help. Launched in 2009, Unity in the Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of others in the South Philadelphia area.


Rising Sons is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, PA that serves underprivileged youth males. Through personal attention and guidance, the program supports young males in building the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. The program also provides the resources and opportunities they need to excel.


Picture Perfect is a three week evening summer program for young girls in the Philadelphia community. Picture Perfect aims to improve their self-esteem, self confidence and life skills. The ultimate mission is to provide each girl with the opportunity to better their life and professional skills.


Mic Check 1-Two! encourages citizens to become vessels of change for pertinent and pressing societal issues. Mic Check brings REAL conversations to life by holding panel discussions about relevant issues and addressing needs in the community by organizing events like Prom Dress Drives and supporting other charitable events.