Meet our Small Business of the Year

WJMS Radio

Winner of IAM’s 2016 Executive Decision

12798986_996736560335_4247318103436431021_nIn December of 2015, WJMS Radio was launched by Jaymie Bowles (better known as Jams) as a response to the over-saturation of negative news and stories in the media. WJMS Radio was the next logical step to expanding the platform she had with her current show, SoundOff.

WJMS Radio is a progressive station that is a one-stop-shop for all things youth related. The station focuses on positivity, youth empowerment, young business owners and entrepreneurs, non-profits and organizations that are making a difference behind the scenes, current and hot topics, and unsigned artists. WJMS Radio’s target demographic is males and females between the ages of 18-40. People all over the country come to WJMS for a listener-friendly, easy to digest dose of news, sports, politics, music, entertainment and community affairs.

Thus far, WJMS has reached over 24,000 unique listeners! While they target millennials, our conversations and dialogues are interesting and engaging for all ages. WJMS has an interactive website, and a free app available for download through Google Play and the Apple Store (simply search for WJMS Radio). They are always looking for show hosts, advertisers and sponsors!

The official launch is October 1st at The Let Out in Philadelphia! Tickets and information are available via Eventbrite and Facebook! Click here to purchase tickets!

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