IAM Girl Talk

IAM Girl Talk  is a program of the Influencing Action Movement (IAM) with a social purpose to address soci-economic, educational and professional development needs in the Greater Philadelphia community. What makes IAM Girl Talk unique is its use of social media and other web-based applications to virtually connect students and young adults.

Through facilitated conversation by Featured Mentors, students and young adults are given a platform to speak out on issues that are relevant to them with guidance from an extensive network of professionals and their peers who share their experiences and perspectives on a wide range of topics.

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Calling All Queens: The Kings Need You!

Social Media: Power in Your Presence

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Featured IAM Girl Talk Mentor

dress_pick2_armcrossedsincere (427x640)Syreeta “Sincerely Syreeta” Martin graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in journalism and founded SincerelySyreeta.com, a blog that seeks to inspire, empower and motivate others on their personal life journey. The mother of two currently runs her consulting business, Sincerely Syreeta & Co. and her community outreach initiative, SiSy’s Here, in addition to motivational speaking and freelancing for publications such as EBONY.com.


Syreeta enjoys spending quality time with family, writing, eating (she’s a self-proclaimed “fat kid”), singing, taking in the arts, and serving the community through activism and event coverage. Connect with SS via e-mail: SincerelySyreeta@gmail.com.


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Twitter: @SincerelyReeta
Instagram: @SincerelySyreeta