2018 IAM Born to Make History Honorees

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Influencing Action Movement (IAM) has recognized 12 Millennial Women. This is our 4th Annual IAM Born to Make History campaign. Being an organization founded by women, IAM is committed to supporting the development of women throughout the region, empowering them and celebrating their achievements.

Each honoree was  nominated by one of their peers because of their proven work ethic, their strong dedication to community and because they are trailblazers in their industry. Furthermore, each honoree exemplifies one of the IAM pillars: Mentorship, Community Service & Networking.

Meet our 2018 IAM Born to Make History Honorees



What fuels Iris’ fire?

“Providing for my family. Growing up, I watched my mom work hard being a loving wife, a business woman and raising 3 girls plus helping everyone. Now that she’s older I have to provide for her and help raise my little sister. Seeing how strong my mom was has fuel me to be just as strong if not stronger !!! My little sister, People who believe in me! My peers, Myself! God has given me the talent and it’s  disrespectful to anyone who believes in me to not do anything but my best. Im super grateful I can’t stop! This is what i was born to do!”



Pennsylvania State Representative, 192nd Legislative District, PA House of Representatives

What fuels this State Rep’s fire?

“From a young age I watched my mother and the community surrounding me work tirelessly to maintain a quality of life where families regardless of their economic or social status could prosper. I saw in my neighborhood single mothers, block captains, coaches and mentors become the definition of determination to provide better options and opportunities for the generation next up to lead our City.  When faced with an unbalanced and an unjust system gives me the desire to want to leave every space I occupy better than which I found it.”


As the Assistant Director of Student Life at YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School, Zuri puts her heart and soul into leading and redirecting opportunity youth to a successful path. She serves as a mentor, friend and disciplinary to hundreds of young people annually. Her ability to be all of these things in one is what makes her stand out. She connects with young people through genuine love, support and guidance. Additionally, Zuri is a talented and connected DJ for various community organizations throughout the city (including IAM).

What fuels Zuri’s fire?

“I am fueled by the possibility of change. I believe people have the ability to grow & change. We have the ability to use our growth as inspiration to impact the communities around us. Small movements can influence bigger movements & systems.”


Kristin Lubsen has a passion for people, food, creativity and collaboration in her community. Her experiences while traveling sparked the idea to create a business that could positively affect the local community through juice. Excited by the idea of sharing the benefits of juice, Kristin opened Sip-N-Glo Juicery in 2013, and continues to push the boundaries of what a juice shop can be and do. Her journey as a  young and successful entrepreneur is an inspiration for women everywhere.

What fuels Kristin’s fire?

“I’m fueled by the synergy of creating and connecting. Expressing myself creatively has always been a passion of mine and finding the unique outlet of creating a business really drives me.”



Founder & CEO of She Can Win

Jasmine is a leader in Philadelphia’s political circle and is an advocate for promoting women and civic leadership. She Can Win offers training classes for women who aspire to run for public office. Her goal is goal is to increase the presence and influence of women in the political arena.  Jasmine is a mother, friend and all around powerhouse who is born to make history!

What fuels Jasmine’s fire?

“My family fuels my fire. My husband and my 2 daughters, ignite my passion to serve to make the world a better place for them.”



Founder & President of Fit with Fabi and Live with Purpose

Fabiana stands behind what she does. Not only helping her clients, but being authentic in all that she does. She raises awareness throughout her messaging, creates a community environment, and makes women of all walks of life feel comfortable.

What fuels Fabi’s fire?

“Helping others fuel my fire. I know my gifts and talents were not given to be kept to myself. I know I have a special purpose! As women we have so much already going against us, every day I strive to encourage women of all ages to live with a purpose and to love themselves because we were created so uniquely, to be beautiful and feel confident.”


As a yoga instructor, Adriana is dedicated to health and wellness of the community (specifically women of color and youth). She understands the importance of self care and is passionate about connecting women and youth to the power of yoga. Adriana’s unconventional and fun approach to the practice makes yoga fun and inclusive for everyone.

What fuels this yoga instructor’s fire?

“It feels good to feel good, to take care of ourselves, and to accept ourselves flaws and all. And part of what fuels my fire is to be able to share these practices, tools, and strategies that have helped me cultivate this connection to self with those around. To be able to hold space for others and see these practices and yoga or self sustainability resonate with others keeps me continually inspired.”


Senior Account Executive, Skai Blue Media

Christanna is born to make history because she is already a force to be reckoned with in the PR industry. Christanna’s clients range from non-profit companies like Visit Philadelphia to curvy super model and Revlon ambassador, Ashley Graham. Christanna is a leader in and out of the work space and does everything with style and grace.

What fuels Christianna’s fire?

“My passion for being a strong leader for my team, my purpose to share the stories and amplify the voices of my clients who are changing the world, and my creative juices that keep me excited, energized and empowered.”


Katherine Gilmore Richardson is the true definition of what it means to be of service to others.   Kathy first joined the Office of Councilwoman Reynolds Brown as a volunteer and intern more than ten years ago and has since served the office as a volunteer, steering committee member for Women Making A Difference, Constituent Services Liaison, Legislative Aide, Special Events Manager and now Chief of Staff!

What fuels Kathy’s fire?

“Helping people improve their quality of life through volunteering, constituent services and legislation fuels my fire. Giving back is important to me because I have the opportunity to be the change I want to see in the community where I live, work and am raising our (my husband and I) family.”


Company: One Funny Mother

Dena is a trailblazing comedian, entrepreneur, and mother of three who proves women (and moms!) deserve to be taken seriously – and she’s hilarious while doing it. With two viral videos, one hysterical board game, and comedy tours across the country, Dena shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She continues to be a staunch advocate of women using their voices and refusing to be silenced.

What fuels Dena’s fire?

“Wine. Wine fuels my fire…..and my kids.  Sometimes I just need to get all my crazy ideas out of my brain, too. I love creating things that didn’t exist before and I love my team of fabulous women working with me!”


Founder, The Partnership Project

Alexis is a powerhouse in Philadelphia real estate circles. Learning and receiving guidance from her father, she is well on her way to transforming and redeveloping neighborhoods within Philadelphia and is bringing other young people on the journey with her.

What fuels Alexis’ fire?

“Knowing we are capable of achieving anything. I genuinely believe anything is possible with faith and hard-work so thats whats been most inspiring throughout my journey…realizing there’s no reason to give up. As long as we are giving God something to work with, whatever we want will come.”


Charlotte Flemmings is an advocate and strategist with a passion for community engagement and policy. She created the for-profit organization, Sickle Cycle, in May 2017 to foster awareness about Sickle Cell Disease and to combat issues and inequalities impacting the sickle cell community.  Since its inception, Sickle Cycle has raised thousand of dollars to support sickle cell research and programs.

What fuels Charlotte’s fire?

“Understanding that there is so much work that needs to be done and that I am only a vessel advocating and working with others to eliminate problems that we see in our communities.”