IAM Mentoring: Anjanee Ferguson

Anjanee_HeadshotThe Influencing Action Movement would like to give special recognition to IAM Girl Talk mentor Anjanee Ferguson! Angie has been with IAM Girl Talk since its conception in 2011. She started as a High School Senior Blogger and after graduating from Central High School in 2012, Angie wanted to continue to give back through the IAM Girl Talk program as Mentor. She shares her experiences with young girls and guides them as they mature into young women.

Angie is now in her second year at St. John’s University in New York City majoring in Advertising and despite her collegiate workload, she still finds time to be a virtual mentor with IAM Girl Talk and volunteer with various other community service projects. She is an honors student and has maintained a 3.89 GPA!

Angie’s goal in life is simple, to cultivate and utilize her skills to gain success professionally, mentally, and spiritually. IAM Salutes Angie for her commitment to community service!

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IAM is currently recruiting college students in the Philadelphia Region to be virtual mentors. The time commitment is minimal and hours are extremely flexible as our mentoring platform is online! Want to become an IAM Virtual Mentor? Click here!