Meet Jeffery Jones of Greater Days Ahead (GDA), IAM Featured Mentor – June 2013

IAM Guy Talk mentor, Jeffrey C. Jones is Influencing Action through motivational speaking. Jeff is founder of Greater Days Ahead (GDA), an organization aimed directly at helping people reach their maximum potential in every area of their life. He is an award winning dynamic inspirational and motivational speaker who has taught and spoken at various organizations and companies within the Tri-State area and beyond.

Jeffrey majored in Communications with minors in Marketing and Psychology. He is an active member of Toastmasters International and is Vice President of Education at his local Toastmasters Club in Philadelphia (Covenant Toastmasters). Jeffrey is active in his community and does various community events in the Philadelphia area. Jeffrey has also co-authored a book of daily encouraging messages called “Words of Encouragement” which is available online at Barnes and Noble. Jeffrey has a loving wife Kendra and two beautiful children, Kayla and Christopher-Michael.

Visit www.GreaterDaysAhead.Info for more info and follow GDA on Twitter @GreaterDayAhead.

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